Peak Performance Hockey School


Peak Performance Hockey School is a Northern Alberta owned company that has operated in this area since 2007. Unlike many camps that are designed for only a short on-ice session, our camps run the entire day (approximately 7 hours) incorporating both on ice and off-ice training. The quality of instruction and conditioning players receive is excellent.

Our school prides itself on excellence. We condition your youth and build upon the skills they have already learned as well as incorporate valuable new ones

We have a variety of different formats that fit every age from 5 years up to adults, for both boys and girls. We run full day camps as well as conditioning camps at night. We also have ice available for rent in some markets. If you are looking to get in a little early and put yourself at the front of the pack...This is a great place to start.

If you are looking for your children to get ready for the hockey season, or if you are looking for yourself, Peak Performance Hockey School has everything you need!!!